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15 Different Types of Technology in our World

Technology of modern times has seeped into every little crevice of life. Every second people are using some form of technology, whether it is the humble fluorescent light to help illuminate a room or the complex little computer we hold every day (called the smartphone).

Information Technology

Information Technology, or I.T in short, is the most popular type of technology nowadays. I.T is a way of storing, compiling and processing electronic data for information purposes.Data retrieval, transmission and networking are also a part of IT. The primary usage of IT is in businesses and the corporate world, although all aspects of life enjoy the benefits of I.T.

Medical Technology

Medical technology is the usage of science to develop equipment and solutions to improve quality of life by helping with common health issues or for defeating hard and deadly diseases.

From eye-glasses and bandages to MRI scanners, medical technology is squarely aimed at reducing the health-hassle in life.

Communications Technology

Communication technology refers to the hardware and software that are used for digital communication.

Devices like phones and PCs are the ‘hardware’. Services like phone calls or messaging and mailing applications are the ‘software’.  The importance of communications technology is simply defined as “keeping people connected”. With the help of communication technology, people can converse in real time whilst being at the opposite poles in this world.

Industrial and Manufacturing Technology

Technology in industrial fields provides a faster and cheaper alternative to older methods. Modern machinery like automated forges, conveyer belt lines, large scale ovens, CNC mills etc. are forms of industrial technology.

These machines help to reduce manufacturing times- this is because of the immense amount of processing these can do at a time and the ability to run constantly- increasing the productivity of factory plants.

Construction Technology

The advancement in construction methods and equipment is called construction technology. This ‘advancement’ ranges from the invention of the hammer to the creation of the bulldozer.

Aerospace Technology

Aerospace technology is the requisite knowledge and equipment that are being used and developed for aviation.

Aerospace technology includes the many onboard systems and hardware of a plane, either commercial ones or war planes. The software that are used are also a part of aerospace technology. The manufacturing of aircrafts, the materials, designs etc. are also aerospace technology. Even, the development in radar guided missiles and stealth tech also fall under aerospace technology.


Biotechnology is the use of living organisms to make products. Baking bread for example is a form of biotechnology- the use of yeast.

Traditionally biotechnology would use organisms as they are. But the introduction of genetic engineering, the DNA of used microbes are manipulated according to the needs.

Biotechnology nowadays covers field such as biochemistry and genetics. Every year biotechnology produces many types of advancement like in medicines and, therapies and even biofuels.

Agriculture Technology

Agriculture technology is defined as the use of technology in agriculture. Precision equipment, robots, drones, GPS, tractors are all agricultural tech.

The intent of these equipment is to increase production and lower cost. By using GPS and similar tech, the best place for plantations can be found.

Then the use of robots allows farmers to be precise with means they can target patches of the field and not waste fertilizers and other materials.